Recent Publications


Chan, L. S. (2021). The politics of dating apps: Gender, sexuality, and emergent publics in urban China. MIT Press.

Selected Articles 

  1. Chan, L. S., Cassidy, E., & Rosenberger, J. (2021). Mobile dating apps and racial preferencing insights: Exploring self-reported racial preferences and behavioral racial preferences among gay men using Jack’d. International Journal of Communication, 15, 3928–3947. Retrieved from
  2. Chan, L. S. (2021). Looking for politically like‐minded partners: Self‐presentation and partner‐vetting strategies on dating apps. Personal Relationships, 28(3), 703–720.
  3. Miao, W., & Chan, L. S. (corresponding author) (2021). Domesticating gay apps: An intersectional analysis of the use of Blued among Chinese gay men. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 26(1), 38–53.
  4. Miao, W., & Chan, L. S. (corresponding author) (2021). Between sexuality and professionalism: Experiences of gay workers at Blued, a Chinese gay social app company. New Media & Society, 23(7), 1882 –1898. Advance online publication.
  5. Miao, W., & Chan, L. S. (corresponding author) (2020). Social constructivist account of the world’s largest gay social app: Case study of Blued in China. The Information Society, 36(4), 214–222.
  6. Chan, L. S. (2020). Multiple uses and anti-purposefulness on Momo, a Chinese dating/social app. Information, Communication and Society, 23(10), 1515–1530.

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