Current Projects

1. Political identities and dating app use

In selecting a romantic partner, we often take into consideration our potential partner’s values. From March 2019, Hong Kong society has been divided into the so-called yellow ribbons and blue ribbons. Yellow stands for anti-establishment/Chinese government/Hong Kong police force while blue stands for pro-establishment/Chinese government/Hong Kong police force. How does this political divide affect dating app use and dating preferences? In the first phase of research, through in-depth interviews with self-identified yellow dating app users, I examine their app behaviors in relations to their political attitudes. The results of the interviews have been published in Personal Relationships. A follow-up survey was conducted in 2022 Q3, examining what psychological predispositions are related to politics-based dating.

2. Dating app use among LGB communities in East Asia

In May 2019, same-sex marriage was legalized in Taiwan. This offers a unique social backdrop to examine the use of dating apps among LGB-identifying individuals in the region. In Phase 1, I conduct 30 in-depth interviews with app users. In Phase 2, results from the interviews were used to construct a survey to examine the relationship between social variables, personal variables, and app behaviors. In this phase, I included Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Osaka as a comparison.